EDEC Non-Window Cell Phone Faraday Bag

We’ve already posted three cell phone Faraday bag reviews. As of the publishing date of each product, we had fully tested the privacy pouch and confirmed that it blocked all signals.

Now that we’ve had issues with the FindMy 2.0 app on a MacBook Pro, we want to pay special attention to the following circumstances:

  1. Proximity to a Wi-Fi router and
  2. Proximity to other Apple products.

With that said, we will continue our search for the best cell phone Faraday bag. with an impressive product from EDEC.

Are you ready to buy? Use our Amazon link to buy the EDEC Non-Window Cell Phone Faraday Bag – Signal Blocking, Anti-Tracking, Anti-Spying, 5G RF EMF Radiation Protection for Cell Phones.

EDEC Non-Window Cell Phone Faraday Bag

Shopping for a cell phone Faraday to review isn’t easy. You can find dozens of options on Amazon, so which one will work for you?

We’ve already tested and reviewed three Faraday cell phone bags, including the InfoWars Privacy Pouch.

All of them withstood initial testing. However, after several weeks of use, we discovered that they were no longer reliable.

In addition to becoming pervious to Apple’s surrepticious Find My network, we had a couple incidents when an enclosed phone was reachable via cellular and Wi-Fi.

EDEC Faraday bag package. It says, "Non-Window," but it has windows.
EDEC sent us this bag as the non-window version. Despite its packaging, the product we received has windows.

For this reason, we’re looking at the EDEC Faraday bag for phone. Here are some factors that influenced my shopping decision.

EDEC Faraday bag for phone unpackcking video

Want to see what you get when you buy the EDEC Faraday bag? Check out our unpacking video.

Non-Window Faraday Bag for Phone?

We bought this product as “EDEC Non-Window Cell Phone Faraday Bag.” Sadly, it comes with windows that, in my opinion make the product worse, not better.

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. We bought a non-window privacy pouch for iPhone and it has windows. No big deal.

The EDEC privacy pouch unwrapped.
Our EDEC Faraday bag for phone as it looked after removing it from its packaging.

Maybe I can put my business card in one window. Maybe a name tag. I don’t know.

Apple’s Find My network

Regardless of whether you like it, Apple uses your phone and other Apple devices to create a hidden ad hoc network that connects to your phone without your knowledge and permission.

Apple’s Find My network uses NFC and Bluetooth LE to locate and track phones without either you or the owner of a “finder” device knowing. Knowing this, we decided that the best Faraday bag for cell phone will specify a resistance to both of those radio protocols.

Sadly, the description for this does not refer to NFC. The product’s Amazon listing, however, includes a Q&A that states the product blocks NFC.

EDEC cell phone faraday bags ratings

I noticed that, unlike most Faraday bag for phone products, the EDEC model has few ratings that say “doesn’t work,” “bag stopped working after a few days,” etc.

75% of the ratings on Amazon give the product five stars.

One of the best ratings for this Faraday bag come from a professing digital forensic expert. It’s long, so I didn’t feel comfortable copying everything the person said. However, you can read the entire cell phone Faraday bag review in the below image.

Amazon reviews for the EDEC privacy pouch phone Faraday bag.
An EDEC Faraday bag review provides the product’s RF shielding specs and more.

Some of the ratings for the Edec Faraday bag for phones seem generic and inconsequential. The high percentage of positive ratings, however, encouraged us to try the product.

SOS test results

I tested and confirmed the following about this EDEC Faraday bag for iPhone. It blocks:

  • Cellular voice and data.
  • iMessage and SMS.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • NFC.
  • Car key (FOB).

Increasing the life of your EDEC cell phone Faraday bag

My bag came with a printed insert in one of the pouch’s display windows. It says,

  • Avoid placing objects with sharp or rough edges into the bag.
  • Avoid folding or crumpling the bag.
  • Store flat when not in use.
  • Do not wash.

Periodically test your phone’s privacy pouch

If you’ve read our blog, you know that we’ve had, without warning, Faraday products stop working.

Stay vigilant. Test your bag weekly. Also, always test your bag before engaging in mission-critical activities.

Why do I need EDEC’s cell phone Faraday bag?

Check out EDEC’s video (YouTube video). In it, a digital forensics specialist explains why you need to protect your online security with a privacy pouch. For your convenience, we’ll embed the video below.

About EDEC

According to EDEC’s website:

EDEC was founded on the belief that cybersecurity is an uncompromisable necessity in this day and age. We believe that every device, from the smallest key fob to the most extensive police equipment, deserves equal protection. Our products are created to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. This assurance of data protection empowers the use of devices freely and with the confidence that online presence is safe from unwanted intrusion.


NOTE: Simple Online Security, LLC has no relationship, financial or otherwise, with EDEC, Inc.

Bottom Line: We recommend EDEC

Besides this EDEC Non-Window Cell Phone Faraday Bag, we have reviewed three Faraday bags for phones:

With the above three products, we experienced some concern regarding sporadic operation, especially susceptibility to Apple’s hidden Find My network (See iPhone found my FindMy 2.0).

EDEC, so far, has flawlessly performed. In exchange for a slightly higher price tag ($24.00 at Amazon), you get superior workmanship and materials.

Simple Online Security, LLC recommends the EDEC Faraday bag.

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