FBI Abandons Ransomware Victims

If you think the FBI will help your business recover from a ransomware attack, think again. Recently, the FBI sat on the sidelines while at least 1,500 network owners were forced to deal with ransomware attacks on their own. These organizations were forced to either pay the ransom or sacrifice their data. All the while, however, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations held the decryption key that could’ve saved millions of dollars in ransom payments and lost business data. In other words, the FBI abandons ransomware victims rather than helping them.

FBI Abandons Ransomware Victims

The Washington Post broke the story, which was later republished by ARStechnica and other technology-related websites.

Here’s a summary of what happened:

The FBI had penetrated the REvil gang’s servers to obtain the key, but after discussing it with other agencies, the bureau decided to wait before sending it to victims for fear of tipping off the criminals, The Washington Post reports. The FBI hadn’t wanted to tip-off the REvil gang and had hoped to take down their operations, sources told the Post.


You might have a chance to rationalize the FBI’s malicious behavior if the agency was able to bring the REvil gang to justice: They weren’t able to. The hacking group “went dark,” and the FBI reportedly lost their scent.

FBI to SMB’s: Screw You!

In addition to withholding the decryption keys at a crucial moment, the FBI continued to hold the keys in silence for an additional three weeks. By that time, the more than 1,500 ransomware victims had either met ransom demands or started over with fresh systems.

Lessons Learned

The FBI abandons ransomware victims.

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The FBI abandons ransomware victims: We don’t.

Best Ransomware Strategy

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DIY Ransomware Tips

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  • Disable and remove network sharing protocols from your network.
  • Create a secure backup strategy and protect it with encryption and redundancy.
  • Implement multifactor authentication for all your business-related networks and applications.
  • Create an isolated recovery environment. You need a way to restore your data without being susceptible to an extended ransomware attack.

Also, be sure to check out our article, How can I instantly improve my online security? for more cybersecurity tips.

The FBI abandons ransomware victims, so call SOS

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