Government Schools Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Despite a growing awareness of cybersecurity threats, many government schools have done little to protect their information and information systems.

Government Schools Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Some K-12 public schools are racing to improve protection against the threat of online attacks, but lax cybersecurity means thousands of others are vulnerable to ransomware gangs that can steal confidential data and disrupt operations.


Since an August conference at the White House, some schools signed up for enhanced cyber training. The quality of that training, however, seems questionable. Still, schools that show an interest in cyber defense seem less likely to become victims of devastating attacks.

Cybersecurity Enforcement

Despite government optics, the reluctance of schools to secure their information technologies forces victims to use the court system for compensation.

Last month, parents sued the Clark County School District in Nevada, alleging a ransomware attack led to the release of highly sensitive information about teachers, students and their families in the country’s fifth largest school district. In another high-profile case this year, hackers broke into the Minneapolis Public Schools system and dumped sexual assault case records and other sensitive files online after the district refused to pay a $1 million ransom.


As the cost of negligence increases, more schools will adopt reasonable cybersecurity measures.

If you become a victim of cyber crime through your child’s school system, take action by filing an individual or class action suit.

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