Hodufy Faraday Bag for Phone

Everyone knows where you are. You are in danger. Right now. Have you ever heard of people getting “doxxed”? That’s what happens when social and political activists decide to complicate your life. They’ll find out your location by locating your phone. Next, they will dispatch a hate mob to threaten and harass you. You can protect yourself with the Hodufy Faraday Bag for phone.

Doxxing only begins to explain the mess you’re in. For example, if you attended President Trump’s January 6th speech in Washington, D.C., the FBI knows you were there. Political activists know you were there. The Government considers everyone present as a criminal suspect.

Inside the Hodufy phone privacy pouch Faraday bag.
Are you ready to get off the grid? Hodufy phone Faraday bag: Get it at Amazon.

Your business is in danger. When you carry your phone, burglars can monitor your location and attack your business when you’re not there. Your competitors can find out where you go. They can learn about your customers, suppliers, and service providers.

You can watch a brief video that shows us removing our Hodufy Phone Privacy Pouch from its shipping package and cellophane wrapper. You’ll get a good idea of what this product looks like and how it works.

Stalkers, suspicious spouses, law enforcement agents, corporations, marketers, and other entities want to know where you are. They will track you by your phone.

Hodufy Faraday Bag for Phone

Your smartphone constantly sends and receives radio signals, including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Celluar Voice, and SMS. If you carry your phone with you (most people do), anyone can find out where you are and where you have been.

Government agents without a warrant can get your location history from your cellphone provider. The FBI has fake cell phone towers called Stingrays that vacuum your phone’s data. Practically anyone, including hackers, attorneys, and police, can find out your current and past locations.

If you think that someone might frown upon something you’re doing either now or in the future, you need protection.

The Hodufy phone privacy pouch can also protect you against stalkers, contact tracers, and other dangers.

Protect yourself with the Hodufy Faraday Bag for Phone. If your phone can’t send and receive radio signals, your phone can’t give away your location.

Hodufy privacy pouch has a slick, sticky-ish outside.
The outside of the Hodufy Privacy Pouch seems slick and sticky.

What is the Hodufy Faraday Bag for Phone?

If you search online, you can find numerous phone pouches and bags that are supposed to block signals from being transmitted and received by cell phones.

Sadly, many of the cell phone Faraday bag products don’t work. Just read the Faraday bag Amazon reviews.

Simple Online Security, LLC recognizes that many of the issues involving online security have physical roots. As long as you have your phone with you, you cannot enjoy any semblance of online security.

We began exploring the feasibility of using a phone privacy pouch to hide your location. If you must have your phone with you, secure it with a Faraday phone bag to keep your tracks “off the record.”

How does the Faraday bag for phone work?

Faraday bags are made of special material that can block various radio signals. By inserting your cell phone into the bag and sealing the bag, you can prevent your phone from sending and receiving signals that give away your location.

If you have a Faraday bag that works, when inside, your phone cannot send and receive calls and text messages. It can’t connect to cell towers. It can’t connect to WiFi networks. Bluetooth won’t work. Most importantly, a Faraday bag (one that works) can blog GPS signals, so no one can find you on a map or by using Apple’s “Find My Phone” app.

Why choose the Hodufy Faraday bag for phone?

To evaluate available products, we shopped on Amazon, looking at product descriptions, product questions and product reviews.

We found many cell phone Faraday bags to have negative reviews. Moreover, their descriptions often neglect to mention important criteria such as “blocks GPS.”

We choose Hodufy because information in its product description, questions, and reviews suggested the product will block GPS signals. In our experience, GPS signals are the most difficult to block.

Stops all signals and radiation like RFID, Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, EMI, EMF and EMP…

Hodufy product description

Q: Does this cover all signals? Cell, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, gps?

A: Yes it will cancel all radio waves when phone is placed in the faraday side.

Answered question on Amazon’s Hodufy Faraday Bag page

Works as expected. Tested it WiFi, cell, Bluetooth, and GPS

Amazon product review for Hodufy cell phone Faraday bag.
Hodufy Privacy Pouch reviews.

We ordered the product and received it on the second day thereafter.

Testing involved verifying that a phone in the protected inner pouch (the bag has an unprotected pocket in the front) could not send or receive information via:

  • Cell phone calls.
  • Text messages.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Wi-Fi.
  • Cellular data.
  • GPS.
  • FOB (car key).

We tested the product with a fully charged and operational iPhone 11.

What I like about the Hodufy cell phone faraday bag

Based on previous experiences, I wasn’t expecting this product to work. I expected that it might block some signals, such as Wi-Fi, but I did not think that it would block GPS.

Hodufy pleasantly surprised me. The product blocks all signals and takes my phone completely off the grid.

What I don’t like about the Hodufy bag

I don’t like the texture of the fireproof material used on the outside of the product. It has a shiny, slightly sticky surface that attracts random lightweight debris. I’m talking about hair, crumbs, dust, and fuzz.

Be careful where you set down this bag, so you can keep it clean.

The Ska Direct Anti Tracker Phone Wallet has a similar size and function, but it isn’t fireproof. Its material feels better and doesn’t attract debris.

Get the Hodufy Faraday bag for phone

We bought the Hodufy cell phone Faraday bag for $9.99 minus an instant 5% coupon. We recommend you buy it.

After receiving your Hodufy cell phone Faraday bag, test it. If it works, use it.

We saw at least one Amazon product review that said the bag works for a few months and then stops working.

To avoid surprises, periodically test your bag to assure yourself of its effectiveness.

Get lost. Get off the grid. Learn more.

Read our authoritative article, Phone Privacy Pouch: Hide Your Location. You’ll learn more about why you should protect yourself from your smartphone and how to do it.

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