How can I instantly improve my online security?

Do you think that online security is complicated? If so, you’re not alone. Amidst the deadlines regarding data breaches, identity theft, government surveillance and other cyber security issues, you might think that you need complicated solutions that require a lot of time and money as well as a long learning curve. Now that you’ve asked, “How can I instantly improve my online security?” you admit that you need to improve your security, but you don’t want to spend all day doing it.

Use the following tips to help you effortlessly improve online security for your business and personal life.

How can I instantly improve my online security?

Firewalls, routers, VPNs, and other tools can dramatically improve your online security. The problem is, however, that many people lack the funds and/or technical expertise to implement effective solutions.

Fortunately, you can take steps right now that will instantly harden your life and business against intrusion and other malicious activities.

7 Tips to improve instantly your online security

Password Management

Your passwords reflect one of your biggest liabilities. Hackers have tools that systematically try every potential password combination. For this reason, hackers can quickly crack easy-to-remember passwords because they tend to be short and form logical sequences.

You may create another vulnerability for yourself by using the same password on multiple websites. This practice increases the impact of a data breach and can lead to extensive exposure of numerous online accounts.

Similarly, using the same password for a prolonged period can increase your risk of becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Improve your password management using the following tips:

  • Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) whenever possible. The second step involves a confirmation code sent via text message or from an authenticator app.
  • Use “strong” passwords that include special characters, numbers, and upper and lower case letters.
  • Use a password generator app to improve the randomness and hardness of your passwords.
  • Create a different password for each online resource that you use, include websites and apps.
  • Try a secure password manager such as NordPass or LastPass to help you simplify the use of your complex passwords.

Email Handling

One of the top malware and virus distribution methods, email, also ranks as one of the top security threats. From phishing attacks that cause you to submit login credentials to links and attachments that install spyware on your system, careless email handling can expose your personal data. Crypto miners can also use email to harness your computer’s processing power, slowing down your work and causing frustration.

Even when you see an email from someone you know, you must exercise caution. Hackers routinely gain access to email accounts and use them to send infectious messages to their contacts.

Improve your email handling by:

  1. Adopting a healthy suspicion of every message you receive.
  2. Use an email client that does not automatically download attachments.
  3. Avoid clicking links embedded in emails.
  4. Don’t open file attachments unless you’re certain of their safety.

Antivirus Software

Viruses don’t seem to run as wild as they used to, but they still pose a threat. Especially if you download a lot of files or handle a lot of email, install paid antivirus software on your system. Do this especially if you use Windows.

After installing your antivirus software, always allow updates to run. Outdated virus and malware databases won’t protect you from new threats.

Digital and Physical Access

Make sure every computer in your business requires a username and password to access. Also, if you operate a business that allows walk-in customers, take steps to prevent them from intentionally or accidentally accessing your business systems.

Physical security is just as important to your online security as digital access is. Physically secure computers, devices, and servers that store sensitive or valuable information.

Access control means more than securing your Point of Sale and computer systems. You should take steps to ensure that your employees secure their smartphones and tablets if they use those devices for work.

Finally, take control over your Wi-Fi network. You should set it to use an access key that’s just as strong as your passwords. Also, configure a strong username and password for your router’s administrator login.

Set up strong access controls at home and at work.

Remove Unused Software

If you stop using a software application on your computer (or app on your phone), remove it. New vulnerabilities emerge as apps age. In other words, time isn’t on your side, especially with programs to which you no longer pay attention.

Backup Your Data

Someone might steal one of your computers or devices. What will you do? What happens if your business burns down with all your data inside?

What happens if you become a victim of a Ransomware attack?

Backups give you a way to recover your business and life after a destructive cyber event, theft, or natural disaster. They also protect you from accidentally deleting important data files.

Choose a secure online backup solution to keep your business and family safe.

Cloud-based solutions often give you the extra advantage of backing up data from your smartphones and tablets in addition to your computers.

Get Insurance

Most low-cost, bare-minimum insurance policies won’t cover the damage caused by a data breach in your home or business.

Besides losing your ability to operate your business, you could become liable if breached data harms your customers. Don’t let an online security mishap destroy your life and business. Get insurance.

Schedule an appointment immediately with your insurance agent to discuss coverage options.

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