InfoWars Privacy Pouch [Video]

I ordered my InfoWars Privacy Pouch on Thursday morning, February 25, 2021. I received it on March 1, 2021. Not bad, especially since it came with “free” standard shipping.

TL;DR Don’t buy the InfoWars privacy pouch. It’s flimsy, low-quality material and shoddy workmanship make it an unreliable security tool. I can barely fit my iPhone 11 through its narrow opening. At $19.99, it costs twice as much as the Hodufy Faraday Bag for Phone and the Ska Direct Anti Tracker Privacy Wallet.

[ALERT: Watch this video BEFORE you buy the InfoWars Privacy Pouch.]

InfoWars Privacy Pouch

We value free speech. We value real news. We value independent thought. For those reasons and more, we value Alex Jones and InfoWars.

When the time came to shell out a hefty $19.99 to buy the InfoWars Privacy Pouch, I didn’t mind. I know InfoWars is a self-sustaining enterprise. Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Leftists, elitists, globalists, and communists have done everything possible to shut down InfoWars and unperson Alex Jones. So far, they’ve failed.

InfoWars Privacy Pouch at the InfoWars store.
I’d be better off now if I’d just mailed Alex Jones twenty bucks.

I’m saying that I don’t mind contributing to a worthy cause, but this borders on ridiculous.

With that said, I was thoroughly disheartened when I opened the envelope containing my InfoWars Privacy Pouch.

InfoWars Privacy Pouch First impressions

I pulled out of the package a flimsy paper-thin, delicate fabric pouch. The low-quality fabric immediately struck me. Taking a second glance, I saw that the ribbing around the edge was improperly and inadequately attached. Threads are already hanging out and the ribbing is gapping.

There’s no way that this product will last more than one or two days of routine use.

Two of Phone Privacy Pouch products that we’ve reviewed have openings on the long side of the pouch. We didn’t realize the importance of that feature until I received my product from InfoWars.

It opens on the narrow end and has a neck that makes an extremely tight fit for my iPhone 11.

In fact, I think the pouch would tare if I forget to exercise extreme caution inserting my phone.

InfoWars Privacy Pouch: Does it work?

Despite its poor quality material and workmanship, the InfoWars Privacy Pouch works.

It prevented my iPhone from receiving phone calls and text messages. It blocked the connection of my Bluetooth devices and instantly removed my phone from the Wi-Fi network.

Apple’s “Find my Phone” app could not locate my powered-on phone while inside the pouch. It blocks GPS signals.

Don’t buy the InfoWars Privacy Pouch

I’ve never before spent money with the InfoWars Store. I’ve thought about it. I’ve heard good things about their supplements. I think.

Now, I don’t know. If the InfoWars Privacy Pouch is consistent with InfoWars’ quality standards, I might not trust their supplements, apparel, and other products.

If you want to support InfoWars, send them a cash donation. Don’t waste your time and money on this privacy pouch.

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