Israeli Spyware Compromises iPhones

Pegasus, an Israeli spyware product, has become a well-known cybersecurity risk. Unlike other well-known exploits, Pegasus requires zero user interaction to become active on a targeted device. Moreover, Pegasus remains invisible to the user during its installation, initiation, and implementation. Now that you know that Israeli spyware compromises iPhones, what does this mean to you?

Never expect security from your mobile device.

If Israel has this spy technology, so does the United States Government. If the U.S. Government has access to this spy technology, so does Deep State, the Democrat Party and myriad communist activists.

Do not depend on your phone for personal or business mission-critical communications.

Israeli Spyware Compromises iPhones

Although Pegasus affects every Android and iOS device, the most-recent news has come from Apple.

Apple devices are just as vulnerable as any others

If you and your business have trusted Apple to maintain a high level of security on its devices, you should reconsider that trust.

The vulnerability lies in how iMessage automatically renders images. IMessage has been repeatedly targeted by NSO and other cyber arms dealers, prompting Apple to update its architecture. But that upgrade has not fully protected the system.

In response to publicized incident regarding Pegasus and the iPhone platform, Apple released an emergency security update that will supposedly protect your Apple devices from Pegasus.

Here’s how Carrie Mihalcik Bree Fowler describe Apple’s security update in an article published by CNet:

A security note for iOS 14.8 and iPadOS 14.8 said some harmful PDFs could take advantage of Apple’s popular operating systems. “Processing a maliciously crafted PDF may lead to arbitrary code execution,” the note read. “Apple is aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited.”

CNet goes on to say,

The security fix, earlier reported by The New York Times, stems from research done by a public interest cybersecurity group called Citizen Lab that found a Saudi activist’s phone had been infected with Pegasus, NSO’s best-known product. According to Citizen Lab, the zero-day, zero-click exploit against iMessage, which it nicknamed ForcedEntry, targets Apple’s image rendering library and was effective against the company’s iPhones, laptops and Apple Watches.

For the record, Simple Online Security, LLC vehemently disagrees with Jason Cipriani who makes the following statement in a different CNet article:

While’s there probably little chance a government entity would install Pegasus on your iPhone to monitor your activities…

The United States Government absolutely will use Pegasus against you, if you oppose the Democrat Party / Deep State / Globalist agenda. Just ask the peaceful January 6th protestors who have been systematically tracked, harassed, and – in many cases – arrested for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech and the freedom to peacefully assemble.

NOTE: If you think you’re safe just because you’re not part of a persecuted group, think again. Political, social, and “politically correct” agendas rapidly evolved. The government may target tomorrow those who feel safe today.

Been there, done that!

You’re wrong if you think Apple has stayed on top of the Pegasus issue. According to MacWorld, Apple claimed to have the issue patched as recently as July 2021. Apple didn’t do it. Hence, we had a recent update to iOS 14.8.

How can I check my device for Pegasus?

Mobile Verification Toolkit

You may visit GitHub to download the Mobile Verification Toolkit that was developed and released by the Amnesty International Security Lab. This version requires considerable technical knowledge, so some readers may not find this solution helpful.


CNet reports that iMazing has integrated the Mobile Verification Toolkit into its product.

You can use iMazing on a trial basis to see if your iPhone has spyware on it.

Check your Mac

The best way to check your Mac for Pegasus seems unclear. We know that Pegasus can infect Mac OS. We also know that Apple released a security patch to coincide with the iPhone update.

Learn more about Pegasus

If you’re interested in learning more about the Pegasus spyware tool, read this report at