Signal App Keeps Snowden Alive

Whistleblower Edward Snowden uses the Signal App to stay alive.

Recently, when someone expressed skepticism regarding Signal on Snowden’s Twitter feed, Snowden gave the app an impressive endorsement.

Ed Snowden implies that he trusts Signal with his life.
On Thursday, January 7, 2021, Edward Snowden again confirmed the security of the Signal app.

Signal App Keeps Snowden Alive

Edward Snowden became famous when he blew the whistle on America’s illegal communications surveillance programs.

In 2013, Snowden outran U.S. Government operatives and allied intelligence agents.

Only Russia gave Edward Snowden asylum. Other countries promised to extradite Snowden to the USA.

Here’s the truth: The U.S. Government wants Snowden, dead or alive. He’s still alive. He’s still not in U.S. custody.

Now, Edward Snowden advocates for online security and privacy. His expertise and insider knowledge of American intelligence capabilities makes him authoritative.

Globally, people look to Snowden for news, information, and guidance that makes the online world a safer place.

Who is Edward Snowden?

Edward Snowden recommended reading.

“Permanent Record” describes Edward Snowden and the risks he took to expose the criminal behavior of the U.S. intelligence community.

In the book, you’ll also learn Edward Snowden’s role in American intelligence systems and why his opinions matter.

Endless Snowden “controversy”

Government efforts to persecute Edward Snowden continue, despite the age of Snowden’s case.

He revealed the dishonesty and illegal behavior of the U.S. Government, so they want to punish him.

Some people label Snowden as a “traitor” because his behavior supposedly damaged the U.S. intelligence apparatus.

Many, if not most, Americans view Snowden as a hero. Were it not for his efforts, we could only speculate on the extent of American surveillance.

Is Signal App secure?

Many people speculate as to the level of security provided by the Signal App.

After all, a good deal of privacy tools have “back doors” that developers, tech tyrants, and governments use to negate the effectiveness of such software.

In other words, we have plenty of reasons to justify healthy skepticism of Signal.

Snowden, Signal, and Online Security

Snowden first endorsed Signal App years ago. After all this time, he continues to depend on the app for secure, private communications.

Simple Online Security, LLC recommends Signal App.

None of our recommendations make up endorsements or guarantees. For instance, we expressly disclaim any responsibility or liability should, at some point, Signal App become compromised or otherwise insecure.

Why does Signal App Matter?

American government agencies have grown increasingly hostile toward people who have certain political, religious, and social views.

Recent U.S. election results portend a totalitarian shift that suggests an intensifying war on an expanding group of dissidents.

Anyone involved in supporting President Trump, investigating election fraud, or speaking against government abuses should beware.

Of course, regardless of who you are, take steps to protect your online security and privacy.

Signal is for everyone.

The Signal App keeps Snowden alive. It can help you too.