Ska Direct Anti Tracker Phone Wallet

Do you remember life without cell phones? Sure, we had phones, but they attached to wires. They either hung on the wall or sat on a table or desk. Nobody needed an anti-tracker phone wallet.

Back then, criminals, police, and the government could tap your line. They could find out who you called and who called you. They could listen to all your conversations.

But that was it.

Now, we have smartphones. Your phone constantly sends and receives information. You take it everywhere you go. Right now, your phone integrates into your life. It knows everything.

Inside view of the Ska Direct phone privacy pouch.
Ready to get lost? Get the Ska Direct Anti Tracker Wallet from Amazon now.

Practically anyone can access your phone and its data. They know:

  • Where you shop.
  • What you buy.
  • Where you go.
  • What you search for.
  • What apps you use.
  • How fast you drive.

When the government gets your phone records, they get everything. The same goes for anyone who wants to know where you are and what you’re doing:

  • Big Tech.
  • Social Media.
  • Political activists.
  • Social engineers.
  • Snoops.
  • Suspicious spouses.
  • Hackers.
  • Business competitors.
  • Marketers.
  • Global corporations.
  • China.
  • Stalkers.
  • Democrat Party operatives.
  • Police.
  • Attorneys.

If you want to stay safe, alive, and out of jail, you need to act now.


People with political power and social influence can use cell phone data to track down everyone whom they dislike.

After the so-called Capitol Hill incident on January 6, 2021, What did the FBI, Department of Justice, and Democrat Party do? They got data from every phone company, Google and Apple.

“They” wanted to find out who was there. Guess what? They know who was there. If you were there with your phone, the FBI might arrest you for exercising your constitutional right to protest.

“They” know everyone who rioted in Democrat-Control cities this year and last year.

If you’ve been to a Trump rally, “they” know about it.

Violent domestic terrorists, such as Antifa and BLM can get access to your location, hunt you down, and hurt you physically.

Even worse, they can doxx you and call on their mobs to do the dirty work.


Your unscrupulous competitors can illicitly monitor your phone’s data and location. If they do, they can learn about your customers, vendors, suppliers, and service providers. They can also find out about your banking and logistics.


Burglars want to know where you are. The information helps them break into your business when you’re not there.

Also, criminals can use your phone’s location data to know when to burglarize your home.

Someone with a desire to harm you may use your phone’s data to locate you at a vulnerable moment.


If you have a suspicious spouse, that person can trace your every move and either interrogate you about it or attempt to hold you accountable.

The same thing applies to stalkers.

Unlimited danger

People with access to your phone’s data and location have unlimited potential for malicious activity.

Future problems

You probably haven’t thought of many possibilities.

What you do today might be frowned upon tomorrow.

Now is the time to protect your future reputation.

Ska Direct Anti Tracker Phone Wallet

STOP THEM! Protect yourself right now. Get the Ska Direct Anti Tracker Phone Wallet.

This simple device can reduce your exposure to the threats enabled by your phone.

Ska Direct gives you a physical layer of protection that can block the signals that your phone sends and receives.

What is the Ska Direct Phone Wallet?

Ska Direct uses material that blocks radio signals to make a wallet that can conveniently isolate your phone from the outside world.

The device works like a Faraday cage, but gives you added portability and convenience.

How do I use the Ska Direct privacy wallet?

If you need to go somewhere that some people might consider questionable, place your phone inside the Ska Direct pouch before you leave your home or office. That way, you create no digital tracks. Do not open your Faraday bag until you return to a safe location.

Can I send and receive phone calls while my phone is in my Ska Direct Faraday bag?

No. We tested the Ska Direct anti tracker phone wallet and verified that it blocks all common signals, including:

  • Voice cell phone calls.
  • SMS messaging.
  • Cellular data connections.
  • Wi-Fi network connections.
  • Bluetooth communications.
  • GPS.
  • Car key (FOB).

As long as your phone or car key is inside the rear pocket of your sealed Ska Direct bag, you cannot use it. Your phone is “off the grid.” Your incoming calls will go to voice mail. Nobody can use “Find My Phone” apps to locate you. Your phone company won’t know where you are.

As soon as you unseal the bag, you’re exposed.

How do I know if my Ska Direct anti tracker phone pouch works?

Test your anti tracker Faraday bag before you depend on it. As time passes, periodically re-test it to make sure it still functions.

I bought the Ska Direct Anti Tracker phone wallet and tested it several ways:

  • Verified that it terminates my phone’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Used “Find My Phone” to verify that the bag blocks GPS.
  • Connected with Bluetooth devices and then inserted my phone into the bag. The bag terminated my Bluetooth connections.
  • Called my phone. It didn’t ring. My call went straight to voice mail.
  • Texted my phone. My phone did not sound an “incoming message” alert.
  • I used the Mission Darkness app to verify that my phone loses Wi-Fi and mobile signals while sealed inside the privacy wallet.
  • With my car key (FOB) inside the rear pocket, I could not lock, unlock, or start my car.

Should I use my Ska Direct Anti Tracker Phone Wallet all the time?

I recommend that you store your phone inside your Ska Direct Faraday bag whenever you don’t need it, including while you’re sleeping.

Before leaving to do anything or go anywhere that the Democrat Party, social activists, and media outlets could possibly consider controversial (either now or in the future), place your phone inside your Ska Direct anti tracker wallet.

Don’t take it out again until either you’ve returned to your original location or you need emergency help.

By denying access to at least some of your data by Google, Apple, Big Tech, Social Media, the government, police, snoops, activists, your phone company, you make the world a safer place.