StripedFly Infects 1 Million Devices Undetected for 5 Years

If you think you’re safe online, think again. You have no idea what is happening on your computers, laptops, and mobile devices. The Hacker News reports that the StripedFly malware went undetected for 5 years before somebody noticed it.

More about StripedFly

Kaspersky describes StripedFly as an “intricate modular framework that supports both Linux and Windows.”

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The platform’s shellcode is injected in the wininit.exe process, a legitimate Windows process that’s started by the boot manager (BOOTMGR) and handles the initialization of various services. explains how StripedFly managed to gain prominence.

When StripedFly was first identified in 2017, it was mistakenly dismissed as a relatively ineffective crypto-mining malware. However, it has since revealed itself to be a complex modular malware, enabling cyber attackers to maintain a persistent presence in networks, gain extensive visibility into their operations, and exfiltrate data as needed.

You’re not Safe Online

Even when you employ cybersecurity tactics, you remain vulnerable to malware.

You can minimize your risk by installing only essential apps on your smartphone and computers. Take reasonable security measures and hope for the best.