VPN at Home – 5 Reasons You Need One Now

You trust your internet service provider. Right? You trust that their WiFi router is airtight. Besides, who in their right mind would want to hack your home network? Are you really that interesting? Continue reading to learn 5 reasons you need a VPN at home.

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When you use a VPN at home, you have an encrypted layer of privacy that keeps your online tracks hidden to everyone but you.

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1 Personal Privacy

Do you want your cable provider to see everything you do online? Do you want snoops, like your neighbors, to see every website you visit? Do you want hackers to save your internet history and use it to either blackmail you or sell your private information online?

Do you want political and social activists to “dox” you, revealing your identity as behind anonymous online accounts?

You value your personal privacy. What happens at home should stay at home. Right?

When you get NordVPN (and use it), all your online activity passes through an encrypted tunnel from your computer or smartphone to an anonymous VPN server. That server assigns you a new and anonymous IP address that no one can trace back to you (unless you disclose personally identifiable information while connected).

Even when you reveal your identity by logging into your bank or credit card accounts, no one can see what websites you visit, keeping your activities private.

Do you have political or social views that contradict the “mainstream”? Protect your privacy and safety by connecting to your VPN at home before you access anonymous social media accounts and online forums.

2 Work Privacy

Thanks to COVID, we live in a work-from-home world. Even as workers begin returning to the office, many either continue working from home or follow a hybrid approach. Either way, you need to protect the data you send between you and the office. NordVPN can help you do that.

Before starting your work, connect to your VPN at home. That creates an encrypted tunnel that protects confidential business data from prying eyes.

3 Streaming Options

When you have a VPN at home, you can access more streaming options. Your VPN lets you choose VPN servers from foreign countries, making you appear to be in those nations, rather than in your own.

Connect your VPN to a server in Brazil, for example, and you’ll have a chance to access Netflix content that the company blocks to viewers in the USA.

Similarly, if you travel internationally, you can connect to a VPN in your home country to access the same content that you watch at home.

You can also use your VPN to unblock other geo-restricted content. For example, broadcasters such as ESPN may impose a “blackout” on popular sporting events, including football.

4 Save Money Using a VPN at Home

Online retailers such as Amazon offer shoppers different prices based on where they live. For example, people in California normally pay higher prices than people in the rest of the USA.

If you connect to NordVPN at home before you shop, you can choose to connect to a state, such as Alabama, that often has lower prices.

In addition to Amazon, car dealers, department stores, and other retailers often use geo-targeted prices.

Beat the online sellers at their own game by connecting to a VPN before using the internet.

5 Gaming

Many internet service providers throttle bandwidth. When they see gaming traffic coming from your IP address, they slow down your connection, disrupting your gaming experience.

By connecting to a VPN before you play, you create an encrypted tunnel, making it impossible for your ISP to see what type of internet traffic you’re sending to the internet.

In the end, by evading the throttling technologies of your ISP, you can enjoy substantially faster internet while enjoying your online entertainment.

Get a VPN at Home

You’ve just learned 5 reasons you need a VPN at home. When you get NordVPN, you’ll discover even more reasons why a world-class VPN is essential to your life at home.

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