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Simple Online Security sitemap HTML

Simple Online Security, LLC believes that online security should be simple.

If you’re like us, you don’t have time to spend entering code, managing encryption, tweaking operating systems, and building Faraday cages.

We provide simple, but effective tips and tricks to secure your small business and family. Our articles primarily involve:

  • Online security in current events.
  • Easy-to-use privacy software.
  • Physical tools to improve device safety.
  • New technologies.

Online security in the news

We’ll track what Ed Snowden says along with other key players in the cybersecurity industry.

We’ll let you know about privacy and security threats posed by:

  • U.S. Government agencies.
  • Law enforcement operatives.
  • Big Tech.
  • Global corporations.
  • Hackers and snoops.

Privacy Software

From antivirus software to in-depth device auditing tools, we’ll apprise you of simple software that makes meaningful improvements to your personal and business security.

Physical Best Practices

Physical security represent one of the best (and most ignored) pathway to securing your digitial life.

At your business, keep your server under lock and key. Physically restrict access to your company’s computers and point of sale systems. You and your employees should store cell phones and laptops in Faraday bags when not in use.

New Technologies

New isn’t necessarily better. As governments press technology companies to create “back doors” into their products, they imperil your online security. We’ll help you know which new tech you should embrace and avoid.

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Simple Online Security Sitemap HTML

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